Uniqop can be a Persian foods shipping and delivery startup and it is shipping and delivery such as Ghormeh Sabzi, Gheime, etc 2020 was the most severe monetary 12 months for a lot of companies. Many organisations had to decrease the quantity of their staff because of financial problems. Nevertheless, meantime, a startup company which has supplied an online program for buying groceries flourishes in Los Aspects.

The younger start up firm, Uniqop began its work in 2020 when a number of other organizations were actually stopping their organizations because of Covid-19 troubles. “We always sensed the need for this type of platform for that Persian local community in the United States Corona was a necessary grace for us.” stated the creators.

Based on the founders of Uniqop, because there wasn’t an intensive foundation for Persian grocery shopping in the usa, they developed the thought of Uniqop.